Cohiba Siglo I Cigar – Single Cigar


The Cohiba Siglo I Cigar was introduced in 1992 alongside the other four in the Siglo series to celebrate the 500th anniversary Colombus discovery of the New World! On his exploration, Colombus discovered an ancient tradition of the indigenous people called Cohiba. The treated tobacco leaf invented by the aborigines was developed by the Spanish into what we know today as a cigar. Before Cohiba was Cohiba the brand was only available to Cuban top officials or as a diplomatic gift. When the brand went commercial, a couple of decades after its birth, the Cuban bureau of marketing thought it was fitting to name the brand after the ancient tradition Cohiba! The Cohiba Siglo I cigar itself is a tiny Corona and is very similar in taste to the other coronas in the Siglo line. A creamy sweetness to begin with, following with beany mocha flavours and a medium tobacco taste.

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